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Suggested Uses for Fragrance Oils


  • Use as perfume.
  • Put on lamp rings.
  • Refresh potpourri, sachets, scented products and aromatic potteries.
  • Add to bath water, shampoos, skin creams, and lotions.
  • Pour a few drops onto vacuum bags.
  • Use to scent your car.
  • Place in musty areas to refresh.
  • Spray on air conditioning filters.
  • Put on sock in dryer when drying sheets and linens.
  • Mix with water when mopping floors.
  • Put on melting-type wax candles.
  • Put on heater vents.
  • Put on humidifier.
  • Add a drop to your stationery.
  • Create your own reed diffuser.
  • Add to an aroma night-light.
  • Put in linen closets and many, many more uses.


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